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Stuffed Vine Leaves and Zucchini [Mehshi Warak Inab Wa Koossa] :
Submitted by: Nadia | Date Added: 20 Jul 2010
Listed in: Lebanese Meat / Stuffed with Meat

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added by: Madame Fahimeh 
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• 1 kg (32 oz) lamb cutlets, fried with shortening or butter
• 1/2 kg (16 oz) vine leaves, trimmed
• 750 g (24 oz) ground meat
• 1 kg (32 oz) small zucchini
• 11/4 cups rice
• 1/4 tspn ground pepper
• 1 cup lemon juice (as desired)
• 1 tspn salt
• 1 medium head garlic, peeled

• Trim vine leaves. Wash.
• Pour water in a pot.
• Bring to a boil.
• Dip vine leaves in boiling water and lift immediately.
• Place in cold water then drain.
• Prepare stuffing by mixing: rice, ground meat, salt and pepper.
• Spread each vine leaf, shiny side down on a work surface.
• Put 1 tbls / or tspn (depending on size of leaf), stuffing on each leaf.
• Fold sides and roll up into a small and neat roll. Repeat with remaining ingredients.
• Arrange cutlets in pot, pack vine leaf rolls close together in layers with garlic cloves in between.
• Invert a heavy plate on top to keep rolls in shape during cooking.
• Wash zucchini and cut stems.
• Hollow zucchini using an apple corer.
• Wash from inside and out.
• Stuff zucchini, not over filling them.
• Arrange zucchini on top of plate.
• Add hot water to cover and lemon juice.
• Bring to a boil.
• Cover and simmer gently over low heat for 2 hours or until leaves are tender (when cooking add some hot water if necessary to have stock left when served).
• Arrange in a platter and serve with fresh mint and green onions. 
Additional Notes
Its a good idea to have multiple pans going at one time to make the cook ... otherwise the 2 hours could turn into a half a day. :)