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Submitted by: Madame Ayda | Date Added: 18 Jul 2010
Listed in: Lebanese Dishes

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added by: Madame Fahimeh 
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• 1/2 kg (16 oz) of fresh melokhieh leaves
• 1 kg (32 oz) chicken, cleaned quartered
• 600 g (20 oz) lamb stew meat, cubed
• 1 large onion, peeled
• 1 cup fresh coriander, finely chopped
• 3 heads garlic, peeled
• 1/4 cup ground dried coriander
• 1 tbls salt (as desired)
• 3 tbls shortening or butter
• 3 tbls shortening or butter
• a dash of ground white pepper, cinnamon, and black pepper

• Fry meat with 2 tbls of shortening and a dash of salt, cinnamon, and black pepper.
• Remove and place in another pot.
• Cover with water and cook over moderate heat.
• Bring to a boil then lower heat, cover pot, and continue cooking for 2 hours until tender.
• Fry chicken with same shortening and a dash of salt and white pepper on low heat.
• Cover with water.
• Cover pot and cook on moderate heat for 45 minutes.
• Remove and put aside. Grill onion.
• Process onion with dried coriander, one peeled head of garlic, and a dash of salt.
• Put aside.
• Fry melokhieh leaves in batches with shortening.
• Remove and place aside.
• Fry remaining garlic and onion mixture with remaining shortening.
• Stir in coriander and melokhieh leaves.
• Add meat and stock.
• Cover pot and cook over low heat for 1 hour until tender.
• Serve hot garnished with chicken and a dash of cinnamon accompanied by cooked rice, radishes, and lemon.
Additional Notes
Its a good idea to have multiple pans going at one time to make the cook ... otherwise the 2 hours could turn into a half a day. :)