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Eggplant Cooked in Oil [Batinjan Bi Zayt]:
Submitted by: Madame Jamile | Date Added: 18 Jul 2010
Listed in: Lebanese Appetizer

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added by: Madame Fahimeh 
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• 4 medium-sized round eggplant, or 12 small, long eggplant
• 12 small white onions
• 6 ripe tomatoes
• 6 cloves garlic
• 1 1/2 tsp. salt
• 1/4 tsp. pepper
• 1 cup olive oil
• 1 cup water

• Prepare the round eggplant by peeling and slicing in one-inch slices.
• Partially peel the long type of eggplant lengthwise to give a striped effect.
• Do not remove hull.
• Fry eggplant in hot oil until soft.
• Saute onions in the oil and place them in the bottom of a heavy pan or casserole that can be placed on the direct fire.
• Peel and slice tomatoes.
• Arrange alternate layers of fried eggplant and tomato slices on top of onions.
• Crush garlic with salt and fry gently for a few minutes.
• Sprinkle over vegetables.
• Add pepper and water.
• Cook on top of stove over medium fire until boiling well.
• Lower heat and simmer until sauce is reduced and vegetables are very tender.
• Thicken sauce with small amount of flour.
• Invert carefully onto a round serving platter. Serve cold. 
Additional Notes
Its a good idea to have multiple pans going at one time to make the cook ... otherwise the 2 hours could turn into a half a day. :)