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  Dr Simon El HAYEK  
  Is Abu Bakr Muhammad ben Zakaria Al-Razi (865-932) the best doctor of his age , he has a book titled : Al-Tib Al-Mansuri , wrote it to the Prince Mansur ben Ishaq ben Ismail ben Muhammad , chief of  Khurasan , in an abreviated manner. The book is of ten articles, of which the most important to us is the ninth : The illnesses that happen from the head to the foot.

 The article was known in the Middle Ages by the name of "Nonus Almansoris" which deals with the different illnesses of the body.The book has been translated to the Latin by Gerardo de Cremona , in Toledeo , Spain , in the second half of the twelfth century and the translation has been published in Milano in 1481 and in Venezia 1497 and in Leyon , France in 1520 and finally in Basile , Switzerland in 1544.Meanwhile , the ninth article has been published alone in Venezia in 1483,1490,1493,1497, and in Badova in 1480 under the name of "Nonus Almansoris , de Curationes Aegritudinum Qui Accident A Capite Ad Pedes".

  A great doctor named Andreas Vesalius , who has waked up the anatomy of the middle ages after a long dream , is also an anatomist who has been born in Bruxele in 1514 and studied in Louvain , Belgica  , and lateron in Paris , due to the instructions of a friend of him. In the university there was a doctor called Sylvius who has a good fame for his works that always marked the line of Galen in a blindish way , and who believed that the mistakes of that were in a matter of fact due to the incomplete manuscripts written in the Greak language or due to the incorrect translations of the Latin language . Sylvius thinks that the misunderstandings between galen have said and what really has been discovered lateron is due to the corruption of the humanbeing. Vesalius became the doctor of the Emperador Carlos V and then the doctor of his son Philip II . He worked in the dissection of the bodies for what he was condemned  by death as well as Miguel Servatius, but the intervention of the Prince Philip made that the sentence being changed to pilgrimage to Jerusalem . In his return he met with a storm which lead him to the shore of Zant where he died in 1564. His doctorate written in latin under the name :"Parafrasis In Nonum Librum Rhazae" or the description of the ninth article of the book of Razi, the book has been published lateron many times during the Renaissance the most important in Basile in 1537.

  The book contained also a poem written to Visalius by one of his friends called Jodocus Velsius in which he admires the Arabic doctor Razi and his valueous works to the humanbeing and accuses the translators who had little experience and who made the reading of Razi seem boaring and unlikely while the book and works of Visalius showed the importance of Razi and made more likely the readings of that doctor.

  The book known as the explanation of the ninth article of the Mansuri written by Razi is considered as the introduction of the book of Visalius which was very famous and which has appeared in 1543 under the name : "De Humani Corporis Fabrica" or "The Composition of the Human Body."

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