Bejdarfel Events

This section is for listing Bejdarfel's doings and upcoming events, reunions, meetings and get-togethers, as well as a place to post news and announcements about Bejdarfel in general to keep citizens engaged and updated. It will act as a quick way to reach the entire Bejdarfel's families with a single e-mail to the webmaster (


Bejdarfel Activities

This section is for letting Bejdarfel's citizens tell some stories about their recent activities, events, reunions, parties or even just great outward journeys. It would be a great way to link the immigrants with Bejdarfel activities. If you would like to contribute stories or photos of the activity, please send us an e-mail to the webmaster (


Bejdarfel Congrats

This section is where Bejdarfel's citizens can tell about upcoming ceremonies or show off their photos from recent ceremonies such as weddings, births and graduations. It would be a great manner to share your happiest moments with friends and families around the world. Weddings, births or graduations will be post on this section by sending us an e-mail to the webmaster (


Bejdarfel Obituaries

This section is for listing all death notices, funeral mass announcements in Bejdarfel. For family members it provides a way of informing people that a Loved One has passed away, as well as offering a way to include a range of information including photographs and a Life Story. Family and friends of a person who has passed away can notice us by emailing the details to the webmaster (