Welcome to Bejdarfel.org website. Here you shall find information about a special and typical Lebanese village. This website intends to present our beloved village Bejdarfel. It is a source for anyone interested in Bejdarfel as well as a connection to friends and family. The website aims to facilitate an eclectic and growing collection of information about Bejdarfel and its inhabitants and to serve our residents and immigrants who are scattered all over the world such as the United States, Europe, South America and the Gulf.

 Bejdarfel.org was a concept of two persons who saw that communication is the first step in solving the social problems of the village since these problems are aggravated by the immigration of his youth to the world; they wanted to contribute to the bejdarfel community and to bring the whole Bejdarfel community together. They saw the need to link the community whereby people can exchange news and events with each other, spread throughout the world.

 The website’s purpose is to promote Bejdarfel’s name and its history all over the world. Bejdarfel.org, aims to link people who still in Bejdarfel with those who moved away and plans to reach a point where to have an online community for Bejdarfel inhabitants where all of us can get updated information about the town via the web.

 Bejdarfel.org recognizes the necessity of finding a simple and practical way to revive the community, a task it has undertaken by linking immigrants and residents together through the internet. Thus, Bejdarfel.org brings life and social interaction, the most basic needs of the human being, back to his village.

 Bejdarfel.org website was launched in 2001. Major changes occurred on the website during the year 2002 with a second website. The third design of the website was introduced in the ninth month of the 2008 and it was prepared to the request of many of our people demanding a quicker way of interacting with each other. Therefore, we created a dynamic directory  that we ask all of you freely register in it. This process begins by sending your profile via email to be published in the biography page you can publish your photos inside the picture gallery so your relatives can get closer to you, you can get information’s about bejdarfel community and lebanon.

 Visitors can give their opinion about this website and other issues under forums; their birthdays and other events will be post on the events page by sending their pics to the webmaster. You can chat and read  local news at Leb news page. This website sends weekly news updates to all its members via email in order to provide more accurate information. Bejdarfel.org exercises a free open access, non – political and non – sectarian policy and reserves the right of editorial controls in regard to such matters and also in regard to any others matters it considers to be objectionable, offensive, inappropriate or unlawful in whatever form and to remove such material without notice. Users of the site are deemed to accept such terms and conditions on their first visit or use of the site. Bejdarfel.org welcomes all its visitors and any suggestions or comments they may have as it strives to meet the needs and requirements of the Bejdarfel worldwide community. If you are Bejdarfel immigrant please feel free to contact the webmaster of this site so you can get your free bejdarfel email account, email us regarding any suggestions, ideas, news and information and especially if you have any photographs you would like to share with everyone.

  Last but not least, we’d like to thank you, dear visitors, your comments and suggestions will help improve this website tremendously. Always remember, that the focal point of interest is Bejdarfel itself. This is especially so for those, old and young, who have never been there, but who have often heard of places and stories recounted by family and friends.